[ japan ]

In recognition of the tsunami victims.

[ haunted tree ]

[ loot / pillage ]

If you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Truer words..

[ swamp ass ]

[ salt peter ]

I drew this while I was watching this movie Himalaya about Tibetans taking salt across the mountains to trade. There were blizzards and power struggles. A yak falls off a cliff. It was pretty great movie. Seemed pretty true-to-life, as well. But I guess I wouldn't really know

[ sea king ]

Poseidon, king of the sea ! I have sketches of a few more 
Greek gods/goddesses and I'm thinking of doing a series.

[ digger digwellow ]

[ monking ]

[ goatse ]

A character from a book that, years from now, I'll finish writing

[ deserted ]

My very first