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I'm scanning stuff in from a sketchbook that I had before the sketchbook that I had before my current one. Yes you understand. These last three sketchbooks have all been 8.5x11" bendy black notebooks. i think the brand is called writers block or writers blok. Or wruffers blork. I like them pretty well, you can curl them up and stuff them in a pocket, if you have a big pocket in your winters coat like I do so now that spring is coming I might try a different brand.. They do tend to fall apart if you aren't good to them. Which I am not. Good to them.

The second page contains some characters from my brilliant Rainy Day P70 brain smash. It is a story of mushroom people who live underground and have some adventure. The plot-line never got out of the water, but there are pages of sketches of mushroom land and its inhabitants. Including "Marquis Chanterelle!" hahaa brilliant!!

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